Corda Mór was founded by the Gille family in 2004, and was a family-run business for many years. Fauna Gille is now the sole owner of the studio, and strives to uphold the strong foundation and values that her family established years ago.


Corda Mór means "great heart" -- and there is no greater heart than that of family. Our school was created with great heart, and 14 years later this spirit still thrives. Our community is made up of many families, who together have created one big family!


Corda Mór is more than a dance academy; it is a community of teachers and families who believe that, through dance, children learn more than physical skills – they build values and shape character that lasts a lifetime.


Our students begin dancing out of curiosity, continue because it’s fun, and commit themselves to it because a passion develops.


Through this passion for dance, they learn the values of teamwork and perseverance. They acquire humility in victory and graciousness in defeat. They share their joy of dancing with the community through performance, and develop friendships that outlast their dancing careers.


It is our mission at Corda Mór to create highly skilled, disciplined dancers and help shape them into kind, confident people who will be leaders within the dance community, and in life.


integrity          kindness          honesty          respect          teamwork
community          leadership          service excellence          commitment          passion
humility          courage          gratitude          great heart

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