Parent Stories

Dancer Stories

"In a world of competitive kids' athletics, it's a blessing to be part of the Corda Mór community, where our kids learn life lessons whether they are winning or losing. These kids have great heart for the sport of Irish dance and each other."

~Corda Mór parent since 2007


"It's about so much more than Irish dancing. In addition to connecting with our heritage, our girls have built confidence, camaraderie, gained a sense of community and are learning the values of social responsibility."

~Corda Mór parent since 2011


"I love how they dance together in a troupe. The older dancers serve as wonderful role models and mentors for the little ones."

~Corda Mór parent since 2011


"Our family has been a Corda Mór family for more than 10 years, and we continue to love it more and more every year. Regardless of the outcomes of any competition or show, what I have valued most is the shaping of character through hard work and great sportsmanship!"

~Corda Mór parent since 2003


"At Corda Mór, my three daughters have learned invaluable life lessons. They have learned the joy of taking a risk and trying something new. They have learned to practice and work hard to master and perfect their skills. They have learned to accept mistakes and move on. They have learned the importance of working as a team while being individually and independently driven. They have learned how good it feels to use your body and stay active. They have learned to honor and appreciate their heritage and the history of Irish dance. They have learned to feel proud of their accomplishments. Most importantly, they have developed friendships with other children outside of their neighborhood and school."

~Corda Mór parent since 2010


"The first time our daughter performed was at the Irish Fair. What really stood out to me was Corda Mór's school spirit, and how genuinely happy everyone was to be there. It was all about the fun of performing and cheering each other on!"

~Corda Mór parent since 2011


"The journey of Irish dance is a one of family, friends and fun. The Corda Mór family bonds together over the incredible shows we put on and the talented competitions the kids do. The friends we have inspire us to work together as a team and enjoy dance with our Corda Mór family. The shows, the practices, the teamwork, and the overall journey for the past five years have made this a fun venture for our family. The confidence, the showmanship, the compassion, teamwork, skill, spirit and sense of community have helped develop my child into the lovely young person she is today."

~Corda Mór parent since 2009

"Dancing with Corda Mór has taught me that to achieve your goals, you have to work hard. The longer it takes you, the sweeter the victory."

~age 17


"To me, Corda Mór is like my family. Everybody is so friendly and encouraging, and it is a very good community to be a part of. I love Corda Mór's teachers and drillers so much -- they are always so positive and helpful. They are strict teachers, but they make it really fun at the same time. I could not have picked a better school to go to."

~age 11


"I love irish dancing at Corda Mór, because everyone is friends, and it seems like we are a big, huge family. I love competing, because I can show judges the talent I have. One of my favorite things that Corda Mór does is shows. I like it because I love seeing how happy people get when we dance. That is why I love Corda Mór."

~age 10


"Irish dancing is very fun for me, because I can perform as a team and compete individually. When I'm up on stage, I feel like I'm flying. Corda Mór is like a second family to me. It's one of the best places to meet friends who share the same love and interests as me."

~age 9


"I love the teachers and all the new friends I have made there."

~age 8


"I love all the teachers, because they are so nice. And I love the music."

~age 6

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